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India to host the 9th International Nitrogen Conference (N2024)

Press Release
New Delhi
27 July, 2023

India will host the 9th International Nitrogen Conference (N2024) to address various aspects of balancing global environmental change with sustainable nitrogen management, announced Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (GGSIPU) and Sustainable India Trust in New Delhi today. They launched the website of this triennial conference of the International Nitrogen Initiative (INI) to be held between Feb 5-8 2024 in GGSIPU, New Delhi. This is the first public announcement of this conference calling for registration of delegates from India and abroad.

“Nitrogen (N) is not just the new carbon but much worse, as its reactive forms go beyond climate change and impact all the sustainable development goals”, said Prof. Nandula Raghuram from GGSIPU, former Chair of the INI and the conference Chair for N2024. “N pollution of our air, water and upper atmosphere limits our ability to tackle other anthropogenic threats to the sustainability of our planet. India led the first UN resolution on Sustainable Nitrogen Management and co-chairs its implementation globally in the UN Environment Programme, so this conference is very important for India”, he added.

India also has the unique distinction of hosting this conference for the second time, after the 5th Conference held in New Delhi 2010. “Our University has been active in this field for over 20 years and has recently established a Centre for Sustainable Nitrogen and Nutrient Management. The launch of N2024 also coincides with the ongoing celebration of 75 years of Indian independence, the G20 Presidency and 25 years of our own university.

We also recently obtained the A++ grade this year from the National Academic Accreditation Council and entered QS world ranking for the first time” said Prof. Mahesh Verma, Vice-Chancellor of GGSIPU. The recently inaugurated world class conference complex of the university can host upto 700 delegates, said the
University. “We are excited to hear from scientists from across the world and on the vast array of issues that nitrogen touches” said David Kanter, current Chair of the INI from New York University, USA, inviting wide participation. “As nitrogen’s role in geopolitical, environmental, agricultural, economic and sociocultural systems and crises becomes ever clearer, from local to global scales, it is critical to continue pushing the boundaries of our understanding and action on this element” he added. This interdisciplinary conference will address the role of reactive nitrogen in a whole range of fields including
crop/livestock production, air/water pollution, climate change, public health, soil health, biodiversity, waste management and circular economy, as well as their interface with society and governance.

Prof. N. Raghuram

Conference Chair
President, Sustainable India Trust

N2024 Secretariat: Centre for Sustainable Nitrogen and Nutrient Management, School of Biotechnology,
Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Sector 16C, Dwarka, New Delhi-110 078, INDIA

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