Sept. 2018: A delegation of SIT, SACEP and INI requesting the Indian govt. to pilot a resolution at the 4th UN Environment Assembly (4 photos)

Sept. 2017: SIT Trustees at the SACEP-INI-INMS South Asian workshop at Maldives. It first adopted the draft UN resolution on nitrogen (3 photos)

Feb. 2016: As NGO member in the Steering Committee of the UNEP GLobal Partnership on Nutrient Management and the gef-global-nutrient-cycling-gnc-project. Fourth meeting at Manila, Philippines (5 photos)

May 2018: Presenting Indian nitrogen assessment at the UNEP-FAO event during the Global Symposium on soil pollution, Rome, Italy. Also member of the UNEP-FAO-WHO consultative committee on fertilisers & pesticides

March 2019: Release of UNEP Frontiers Report (2018/19) at Nairobi. The chapter on "The Nitrogen Fix" was coauthored by SIT trustees (3 photos)

Sept. 2019: Panel Discussion on 'Agricultural science for land degradation neutrality' at India Pavilion, UCCD CoP14, New Delhi. (3 photos)

March 2019: The team behind the first ever UN resolution on 'Sustainable nitrogen management' at the UN Environment Assembly (4 photos)

2014: Discussing teachers' concerns in higher education with the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Mr. Manish Sisodia (3 photos)

Nov 2018: Addressing fertilizer industry CEOs at a Panel discussion during International Fertilizer Association Strategic Forum, Beijing (2 photos)


June 2018: Presenting the Indian Nitrogen Assessment to Erik Solheim, Chief of UN Environment, during the World Environment Day, New Delhi

Jan. 2019: Presenting Indian nitrogen research to Sir Mark Walport, Chief executive, UKRI, during his visit to GGSIPU, SIT partner in SANH (6 photos)

Panel discussion on 'Agriculture and Biodiversity' at the Rio Pavilion during day 9 of the CBD COP14, at Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt (3 photos)

March 2013: Steering Committee Meeting of the UNEP Global Partnership on Nutrient Management, Washington (4 photos)

Aug. 2018: Briefing Prof. K. VijjayRaghavan, Principal Scientific Adviser to Govt. of India on India's international initiatives on nitrogen (2 photos)

Engaging with international partners at the meetings of the GEF-UNEP-INI project on 'International Nitrogen Management System' (10 photos)

Feb. 2015: Founder and trustees of SIT with partners at the brainstorming workshop on reactive nitrogen assessment held at New Delhi

May 2020: International Nitrogen Initiative Webinar as a curtain raiser to the 8th INI global nitrogen conference to be held in Berlin, Germany.

Feb. 2019: SIT trustees and INMS partners at the launch of the UKRI-GCRF South Asian Nitrogen Hub at Dhaka, Bangladesh (4 photos)

May 2014: SIT Trustee presenting the scoping study commissioned by SACEP on nutrient pollution in south asian seas (2 photos)

June 2018: The UNEP-INI-SIT special dialogue session on rective nitrogen during World Environment Day events held in New Delhi (2 photos)

July 2013: Steering Committee members of the UNEP Global Partnership on Nutrient Management after the Ocean conference at Jamaica

Oct. 2013: GPNM Steering Committe members and project partners of the gef-global-nutrient-cycling-gnc-project at Chilika lagoon, Orisaa, India

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