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May 2020: International Nitrogen Initiative Webinar as a curtain raiser to the 8th INI global nitrogen conference to be held in Berlin, Germany.

Sept. 2019: Panel Discussion on 'Agricultural science for land degradation neutrality' at India Pavilion, UCCD CoP14, New Delhi. (3 photos)

March 2019: Release of UNEP Frontiers Report (2018/19) at Nairobi. The chapter on "The Nitrogen Fix" was coauthored by SIT trustees (3 photos)

March 2019: The team behind the first ever UN resolution on 'Sustainable nitrogen management' at the UN Environment Assembly (4 photos)

Feb. 2019: SIT trustees and INMS partners at the launch of the UKRI-GCRF South Asian Nitrogen Hub at Dhaka, Bangladesh (4 photos)

Jan. 2019: Presenting Indian nitrogen research to Sir Mark Walport, Chief executive, UKRI, during his visit to GGSIPU, SIT partner in SANH (6 photos)

Sept. 2018: A delegation of SIT, SACEP and INI requesting the Indian govt. to pilot a resolution at the 4th UN Environment Assembly (4 photos)

17 - 29 November 2018: Panel discussion on 'Agriculture and Biodiversity' at the Rio Pavilion during day 9 of the CBD COP14, at Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt (3 photos)

Nov 2018: Addressing fertilizer industry CEOs at a Panel discussion during International Fertilizer Association Strategic Forum, Beijing (2 photos)

Aug. 2018: Briefing Prof. K. VijjayRaghavan, Principal Scientific Adviser to Govt. of India on India's international initiatives on nitrogen (2 photos)

June 2018: Presenting the Indian Nitrogen Assessment to Erik Solheim, Chief of UN Environment, during the World Environment Day, New Delhi

June 2018: The UNEP-INI-SIT special dialogue session on rective nitrogen during World Environment Day events held in New Delhi (2 photos)

May 2018: Presenting Indian nitrogen assessment at the UNEP-FAO event during the Global Symposium on soil pollution, Rome, Italy. Also member of the UNEP-FAO-WHO consultative committee on fertilisers & pesticides

Engaging with international partners at the meetings of the GEF-UNEP-INI project on 'International Nitrogen Management System' (10 photos)

Sept. 2017: SIT Trustees at the SACEP-INI-INMS South Asian workshop at Maldives. It first adopted the draft UN resolution on nitrogen (3 photos)

Feb. 2016: As NGO member in the Steering Committee of the UNEP GLobal Partnership on Nutrient Management and the gef-global-nutrient-cycling-gnc-project. Fourth meeting at Manila, Philippines (5 photos)

Feb. 2015: Founder and trustees of SIT with partners at the brainstorming workshop on reactive nitrogen assessment held at New Delhi

2014: Discussing teachers' concerns in higher education with the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Mr. Manish Sisodia (3 photos)

May 2014: SIT Trustee presenting the scoping study commissioned by SACEP on nutrient pollution in south asian seas (2 photos)

Oct. 2013: GPNM Steering Committe members and project partners of the gef-global-nutrient-cycling-gnc-project at Chilika lagoon, Orisaa, India

July 2013: Steering Committee members of the UNEP Global Partnership on Nutrient Management after the Ocean conference at Jamaica

March 2013: Steering Committee Meeting of the UNEP Global Partnership on Nutrient Management, Washington (4 photos)

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